Day: February 27, 2017

Perk Up Your Monday: Kelloggs Posted This Cute Rice Krispie Rendition of the Golden Gate Bridge

Photo/Kellogg’s Facebook Those elves would be impressed. We’ve seen San Francisco molded out of Jell-O, done over a decade back by artist Liz Hickok, but now some people possibly affiliated with Kellogg’s have recreated the Golden Gate Bridge out of red-hued Rice Krispie Treats — with the addition of what appears to be red licorice […]

Fashion Takes Flight at the SFO Museum

Photo/Braniff International Public Relations Archives, History of Aviation Collection, UT-Dallas Over the years, stewardesses/hostesses/flight attendants have been the epitome of first class style. Visit any airport and you will see sharp suits, rich colors, a scarf tied around the neck–complete perfection. The SFO Museum is paying homage to the ever-changing flight uniform, highlighting over eighty-five […]

#BobCutInTheWild — Where We’re Seeing Our Magazine

We love seeing our readers and friends picking up their issues of Bob Cut Mag and we also love seeing their snaps. Here’s a small batch of some of our favorites. Normally we post an insta-story about it so if you wanna see your mag on our feed, hashtag #bobcutinthewild on Instagram and we’ll add […]

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