Play Like Serena Williams or Play Against Her

Screen caps from Serena Williams' SnapchatScreen caps from Serena Williams' Snapchat

Screen caps from Serena Williams’ Snapchat

Two unsuspecting Dolores Park tennis players got the match-up of their lives.

Serena Williams, who’s currently engaged to Reddit co-founder Alexis Ohanian, was strolling through San Francisco’s beautiful Dolores Park yesterday night where she came upon two players rallying back and forth at the Dolores Park tennis courts. The events unfolded as Ms. Williams recorded the interaction via her Snapchat, asking the camera, “should I play them? Should I ask? hahaha.”

To their response: “Oh, my goodness! Is this for real? What?!? Yes please! Holy crap!”

She, of course, beat them wearing a pair of Uggs. Classic.

Check out the entire snap story below and get thrilled.

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Play Like Serena Williams or Play Against Her
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