Well Designed: How Breather Sets The Tone For Their San Francisco Workspaces

Interior Design by  kyleadamsgoforthInterior Design by  kyleadamsgoforth

Interior Design by kyleadamsgoforth

When Breather designs a new location, their challenge is to continue tone on par with all of their other cities.

Not that they’re identical, but the idea is that each Breather should feel the same when it comes down to the service and spaces. We asked Breather designer Kyle Adams-Goforth about the consistency of their brand and the philosophy behind their San Francisco spaces.

Every Breather feels the same, no matter where you are, but how did you come up with design ideas for specific spaces in San Francisco?

For every city, we create a mood and personality. We believe that each city reflects a different color palette based on the lifestyle there. For example, San Francisco’s aesthetic is probably our most recognizable from the entire network. Our team is constantly scoping out new trends and styles. Whether it be from blogs, magazines or word of mouth from our team on the ground, we are constantly adapting our eye to fit seamlessly into the urban fabric. We take a lot of pride in our creative freedom to constantly be researching for new products and new ideas, no matter where they come from. When you step into a Breather, it should be refreshing and inspiring.

What is the thought process when it comes to designing a space? Is it base on culture, history?

We design hundreds of spaces in hundreds of buildings. Every one of those buildings has a history and is part of a vibrant neighbourhood and community. A number of those buildings are historically protected so we try and preserve that vernacular identity as much as possible, casting it into our Breather aesthetic. The ultimate goal is to design a space that answers to the needs of our members in that community and provides a space that even us, as nit picky interior designers, feel comfortable in.

One of Breather's awesome spaces.One of Breather's awesome spaces.

One of Breather’s awesome spaces.

What are some bigger obstacles to your design process from city to city?

Less of an obstacle but more of a challenge, learning from our customers from different markets and adapting our designs to suit their industries has helped us put more thought into our spaces. We noticed that our members from the east coast to the west coast all use Breather differently. Some areas, like San Francisco, has a bigger concentration of tech firms and startups, so we see a spike of our spaces being used for offsites. Other cities have more members rent our spaces for creative purposes like a video shoot or photo shoot. While in other cities, the small up and coming business see us as an extension of their businesses and utilizes our workspaces for pop-up shops. So it really differs from city to city and that is a great challenge itself for us to always be on top of it all.

Another challenge was for us to abide to different building codes. Each city and country that we are in has a different set of rules that makes our jobs a bit more interesting. For example, in the state of California there is stricted lighting codes that we need to respect when we design a space, and in London their building codes are more rigorous. Never a dull moment when it comes to designing in different timezones.

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Well Designed: How Breather Sets The Tone For Their San Francisco Workspaces
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