Get It Beauty: Bite Lip Lab Opens On Fillmore Street

Photo via Bite BeautyPhoto via Bite Beauty

Photo via Bite Beauty

Pucker up because the Fillmore shopping district has welcomed in a new resident to it’s already impressive armada. Bite Lip Lab is the cult brand that locals love and women outside of the bay crave. This is the lip to lip experience you’ll definitely want to try.

Of course, you’ll be able to shop their vast array of colors but since we’re in the holiday season, why not create a color from scratch. We know, EVERYTHING. A personalized color that’s all you — isn’t that fabulous?

Here’s how it works for the first timers: a Bite beauty advisor will meet you at the door and from there you can ask for either the A La Carte ($55 per person) for 1 predetermined lipstick shade or a custom shade ($150) for 2 shades that are uniquely crafted then and there. From either selection, you get your fill of whether you want matte, gloss, luster, different scents, all-natural… The list goes on and on.

At the end of the process: you get to name your shade. That’s bomb. Appoitments are encouraged but walking in is totally fine. Just be prepared to wait because this type of lip moment gets booked daily.

// 2142 Fillmore St. (Pacific Heights),



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Get It Beauty: Bite Lip Lab Opens On Fillmore Street
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