The Over-The-Top Airbnb Offices And How Much Of A Mini City It Is



Much like it’s core values, Airbnb’s expansive SF office is like a city within a city. Hayao Miyazaki better write a movie about this.

In a city like San Francisco, tech offices are normally the cream of the crop in terms of functionality, design, and atmosphere. When we covered the Dropbox re-design lead by Glara Ahn, we ogled over the use of pastel pinks, sea foams, and all things light and milky. With Bay Area powerhouse (and controversial talking point) Airbnb’s office screams light, fresh, and expanding.

Their multiple kiddie spaces offer their employee’s max sightseeing whilst getting their work done. IDF Studios, the design house who led the project, said in a statement to Officelovin’, ““For phase II of the Brannan project, IDF designed more culture-based listing rooms to showcase Airbnb’s global expansion. Guests are greeted by entering Brooklyn—a key location where the company’s service really took off and continues to thrive. Stimulating spaces include Rye, Australia where a company founder’s travel trailer provides additional workspace.”

When asked about how the multiple cafe-style spaces were dreamed up, “cafés designed after Cairo and a hot spot in Mumbai are interesting places for staff to snack and relax. More favorites include a Mexican log cabin from New South Wales, a loft from Shanghai, cozy living rooms from Rio de Janeiro and Portici, Italy and a colorful, industrial residence from Johannesburg”, said IDF Studio.”

// Check the slideshow below to be immersed in Airbnb’s digs.

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The Over-The-Top Airbnb Offices And How Much Of A Mini City It Is
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