Maurice “Mo” Ford, The Video Game Truck Bridging SF Communities Together

Photo via Emma Marie Chiang/SF ChroniclePhoto via Emma Marie Chiang/SF Chronicle

Photo via Emma Marie Chiang/SF Chronicle

If you are the type to enjoy late night strolls through many of SF’s brimming nightlife sectors, you may have encountered Maurice “Mo” Ford (MobileGamingStop) at least once.

After a good night of drinks, food, or dancing in many of SF’s greatest nightlife scenes (i.e Castro, Mission, Union Square) one can find Mo parked outside waiting for party-goers to play rounds of histories greatest games. This includes Mario, Sonic, StreetFighter, and so on. The car is named Mogamin, and as the Chronicle reports, Mo hasn’t been charging anyone to play the games.

On a typical weekend night, the smiling man standing next to a car full of flashing video consoles hollers: “Free to play, no charge!” Though, for Mo, his mission is to give people something to be happy about. After suffering a stroke at the age of 24, it was a miracle that he even survived. “I wish I never had the stroke,” Mo tells the paper. “But things happen, God took care of me and gave me medicine.” For him, he’s grateful for even putting a good feeling in people’s hearts, “If I can get 15 people on the side of my car to play one video game for four minutes and they walk up the street happy, laughing, smiling, jumping up and down, that’s God’s work.”

Mo currently works a graveyard shift some nights at the new Halal Guys restaurant near Union Square, but it sounds like he’s hoping tips earned from his video game car will be able to pay all his bills at some point. Though usually working with his duo, wife Star, Mo can be normally seen parked outside of Q Bar in the Castro on the reg’. “It’s really fun,” Mo continued. “We get the after-work crowd that’s looking to take the edge off, we get kids, and then the late-night crowd—which is different, of course, but still really fun.”

Mo hopes to expand his game car to a van or bus in order to offer more screens and games. “I provide a chance for people to bring back their childhood memories.”

// Before they go out, Maurice and Star often announce where they plan to park on their Snapchat account (@MobileGameStop).

Photos via  FacebookPhotos via  Facebook

Photos via Facebook


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Maurice “Mo” Ford, The Video Game Truck Bridging SF Communities Together
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