Serving Southern Hospitality with Sunday Bird — Quick Cut EP 4

For food savant, Deuki Hong, the perfect flavor is all about the produce you choose. For his San Francisco first, Sunday Bird, the choice was clear to open a fully served chicken shop.

Meeting up with Deuki was entering his world of constant prep, double checking his to-do list, and inevitably preparing for the hungry carnivores that line up around the block at his small window at 1522 Fillmore Street Tuesday through Sunday.

For the new chicken shop opener, everyday is a learning curve. Whether it’s testing new recipes, interacting with his loyal customers, or even finding time for himself — the “let’s-do-this” entrepreneur has put a poultry spell under all his diners. Whether he is cleaning the rice or preparing the bao, it’s early to rise and early to bed for this dedicated chef.

// Check out the podcast above to get to know Deuki better and check Sunday Bird as well; Sunday Bird, 1522 Fillmore Street, Western Addition,

Photography by Anthony RogersPhotography by Anthony Rogers

Photography by Anthony Rogers







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Serving Southern Hospitality with Sunday Bird — Quick Cut EP 4
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