Where To Find San Francisco’s Stylishly Dressed Baristas

When we penned our first “where to find stylish bartenders in the city,” we thought very quickly, “how about the folk who don’t make alcoholic beverages but instead stick to the ultimate drug… Caffeine.” So this quick list was born.

Photography by   Monica   SemergiuPhotography by   Monica   Semergiu

Photography by  Monica Semergiu


George And Lennie

It’s ok to admit that our beard-fomo is evidently real, the baristas at George and Lennie sport facial hair with much pride. Brett Walker (pictured above) is the walking embodiment of “lumber sexual.” Though since opening George And Lennie (named from the book, Of Mice & Men) in 2015, the Tenderloin resident has been covered by many news outlets, such as, Refinery29, Hoodline, Spurdge, and The Intersection—his beard will lives online for many generations of beard lovers to admire. // 277 Golden Gate Ave, Tenderloin, georgeandlennie.com

Photo via Wrecking Ball Coffee InstagramPhoto via Wrecking Ball Coffee Instagram

Photo via Wrecking Ball Coffee Instagram

Wrecking Ball Coffee

A Marina coffee spot that stands out in the best way possible, their eclecticism makes them a gem sitting in a robust neighborhood. Founded by Trish Rothgeb and Nicholas Cho, the two avidly seek not only skilled coffee wizards but people who tell a story through their personal style and expression. Whether it’s an all denim day or glitter strung about someone’s face, a refreshing point of view is always to be had against their Instagrammable pineapple walls. // 2271 Union St, Marina, wreckingballcoffee.com

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Fifty Fifty

The home of minimalism and carefully curated snack options, the team over at Fifty Fifty flaunt style that’s easy, effortless, but still very chic. Whether in all black, grey, or white—the team sticks pretty unified to their culture. Though as we grab our shaken milk tea lattes, we can only notice the pops of color that the employees sport on the floor. A colorful enamel pin, a bright beanie, or “a-quick-pop-of-color” sock, it’s always a breath of fresh (minimal) air. // 3157 Geary Blvd, Inner Richmond, fiftyfiftysf.com

Photo via HoodlinePhoto via Hoodline

Photo via Hoodline


Tucked away in the Inner Sunset, Hollow coffee’s small but lavish space homes the true San Franciscan look that their locals come to welcome. Grabbing any of their brewed bits to go, you get to experience the thrifted and vintage looks that each barista sports. Don’t get us wrong however, their style is timeless and elevated. We’re most definitely here for that. // 1435 Irving St, Inner Sunet

Photo via Sightglass CoffeePhoto via Sightglass Coffee

Photo via Sightglass Coffee


Could we classify the style of Sightglass’ baristas as hipster? No but we do want to emphasize on the array of personal fashions between each individual person. One day it’s a 90’s throwback to Shenmue, a day filled with Girls’ Lena Dunham-inspired looks, or it’s the cool cyclists of SF’s delivery circuit—you never know what you’re gonna get. But it’s always very inspiring. // 270 7th St, SoMa, sightglasscoffee.com

Tea People's Ken Kawachi at former Blue Bottle, photo via Ken KawachiTea People's Ken Kawachi at former Blue Bottle, photo via Ken Kawachi

Tea People’s Ken Kawachi at former Blue Bottle, photo via Ken Kawachi

Tea People

Technically “tearistas,” the Tea People team at 8 Octavia Street have been pairing flights with chocolate for quite some time—though one “tea geek” (as they call him) has really stood out to us. Ken Kawachi, a former Blue Bottle now Tea People barista, is stylishly dressed to the T (no pun intended.) Always a perfectly fitted button-up, slick hair, and a mustache that’s waxed in place. Though not shy about this personal style, Kawachi resembles our love for Japanese baristas and their fun play with denim on cotton. All in all, an excellent menswear inspiration in Hayes Valley. // 8 Octavia Street, Hayes Valley, teapeople.us

Where To Find San Francisco’s Stylishly Dressed Baristas
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