Things To Do: Warm Movie Nights In Hayes Valley

Photo courtesy of ProxySFPhoto courtesy of ProxySF

Photo courtesy of ProxySF

Spring has sprung; time to get out, get together and watch cinema genius!

The Spring Series of free outdoor film screenings returns to the PROXY Walk-in Theater starting March 31. Truth, post-truth, politics and social upheaval—this year’s series explores the present moment through humor, pointed observation, and stark reflection. Empowering and enlightening, these stories bring us together to take on the challenges ahead.

Presented by HERE FOR NOW, the six-night series includes new independent film and one-of-a-kind collaborations with pioneering arts institutions. Of course: free to the public, Friday evening film programs begin at 7:45 pm with “doors” opening at 7:00 pm. Get there early to claim a good spot.

// Fridays, 7 p.m., — 489 Hayes St, Hayes Valley

See the list of movies and screenings below:


The Disposable Film Festival celebrates the democratization of media and the power of storytelling made possible by everyday digital devices. This year the DFF joins with HERE FOR NOW to present the fifth installment of its FOOD + FILM event series: sumptuous films about food paired with delectable treats from local food trucks. FOOD + FILM shares the cultural and creative aspects of food through artistic shorts, communicating a shared love for tantalizing and sensorial expression between the two mediums. // Friday, March 31, Disposable Film Festival + HERE FOR NOW


Written and directed by Mike Mills, 2016
“Annette Bening gives a subtle tour de force”—Sunday Times (UK)

Mike Mills’s latest comedy creates a moving portrait of family life in a moment of upending cultural change. Set in 1979 Santa Barbara, Dorothea (Annette Bening) is a single mother in her 50s raising her teenage son Jaimie (Lucas Jade Zumann) in a sprawling home with boarders and a cast of regulars. To help Jamie navigate the rapidly changing world, she enlists the help of punk artist (Greta Gerwig) and Jamie’s troubled best friend Julie (Elle Fanning). As this poignant and funny story unfolds, everyone ends up a little wiser. // Friday, April 7, HERE FOR NOW — View trailer.


Sabaah Faloyan, director, and Damon Davis co-director, 2017
“Searing film gives voice to the people of Ferguson”
—The Guardian

When police in Ferguson, Missouri, kill unarmed teenager Michael Brown and leave him lying in the street for hours, it marks a breaking point for the residents of St. Louis County. Grief, long-standing racial tensions and renewed anger bring together residents and supporters from around the country to hold vigil and protest, even as the national guard descends. Told by the activists and leaders who live and breathe this movement for justice, Whose Streets? is an unflinching look at the Ferguson uprising and a powerful battle cry from a generation fighting, not for their civil rights, but for the right to live. // Friday, April 14, San Francisco International Film Festival + HERE FOR NOW


Directed by Matt Johnson, 2016
“A sly act of movie love for and by Kubrick fans”—Vulture

In 1967, during the height of the Cold War, two young CIA agents (Matt Johnson and Owen Williams) go undercover at NASA to investigate a possible Russian mole. In disguise as documentary filmmakers, they tap phones and break into offices while purporting to learn more about the Apollo project. But when they end up uncovering a shocking NSA secret—and a major government cover-up—they decide to embark on a new mission that may put their own lives at risk. // Friday, April 21, HERE FOR NOW — View trailer.

National Bird

Directed by Sonia Kennebeck, 2016
“A deeply disturbing look at drone warfare”—Washington Post

From executive producers Wim Wenders and Errol Morris, this documentary follows the harrowing journey of three U.S. military veteran whistleblowers determined to break the silence surrounding America’s secret drone war. Tortured by guilt for their participation in the killing of faceless terror suspects, and despite the threat of being prosecuted, these three veterans offer an unprecedented look inside this secret program to reveal the haunting cost of America’s global drone strikes. Director Sonia Kennebeck gives rare insight into the U.S. drone program through the eyes of veterans and survivors; the films images haunt the audience and bring a faraway issue close to home. // Friday, April 28, Indie Lens Pop-Up + HERE FOR NOW, View trailer.


Explore forces that propel one action to the next! From bodies in motion to catalyzing reactions, Exploratorium Cinema Arts selects an energizing program of shorts from their film collection to motivate creativity and scientific inquiry through active viewership. With a hosted screening of 16mm and video work, this will be a night filled with inspiring images and interactive experiences. Featuring a combination of experimental film, colorful animation, and incisive documentary, the program offers visual impact and radical motivation. // Friday, May 5, The Exploratorium + HERE FOR NOW

Things To Do: Warm Movie Nights In Hayes Valley
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