Month: May 2017

Things That’ll Probably Happen at That Networking Event You’re Going To in SF

Photo via Pexels You work in tech—and you’re in San Francisco? Shocking. If there’s one thing that can be said about San Franciscans, it’s that we sure do love our city – quirks, nuances, isms, Sushirritos and all. Every place has its stereotypes, and they can be even more amusing when they play out in […]

The Giant’s Hunter Pence Will Play Barista Boy Today At Peets

Photo via Wikimedia Commons Your dreams of meeting Hunky McHunk Hunk are soon to be real. If you’ve always wanted your half-caf soy latte to be served by Captain Underpants himself, crazy-eyed Giants right-fielder Hunter Pence will be joining teammate Denard Span on Tuesday, May 30, to work as baristas at two SF Peet’s Coffee […]

Off The Menu: Octavia’s New Summer Flavors Thanks To New Chef de Cuisine

Photography by Aubrie Pick San Francisco’s culinary scene has a rising new star: Sara Hauman takes bat with Octavia. Octavia’s new Chef de Cuisine since early May, Sara wasted no time putting her stamp on tried and true dishes while also creating new items for the summer.  A veteran of Huxley and Mister Jiu’s, Sara […]

When Video Games Come To Life: Jeanne Marie’s Thesis Collection Wakka Wakka’s The Runway

A post shared by Rob Curry (@sfrobcurry) on May 6, 2017 at 11:10pm PDT Who says video games are a waste of time? For San Francisco designer, Jeanne Marie, it led her to design a final thesis based off of an American cult classic. “For my senior collection I was inspired by the 1980’s arcade […]

Buy This Now: Bryr Clogs & Windy Chien Collab On A Cool Pair Of Shoes

The classic Bryr clog with a Windy touch, photography by Annie Martin When two great minds think alike, a pretty chic collaboration is born. With similar design aesthetics, the Dogpatch-based Bryr Clogs have released a special edition shoe honing the rope artistry of Bay Area artist, Windy Chien. Meeting, at first, at Westcoast Craft Fair, the […]

When I Almost Died Paddle Boarding in Marin

Photo via Unsplash If anything else, I learned I could float well. Admittedly, I was not the most athletic of children. Or active, for that matter. Up until sixteen when I, by happenstance, came across running, my body shape was something akin to a Chiclet left outside in a heavy Spring rain: bloated, swollen, rounded […]

Drink Here Now: Smitten Ice Cream’s ‘Whiskey Chip’ And Other Boozy Things To Drink

Photo courtesy of Smitten In case the weekend wasn’t enough ‘hoorah’ to grab a drink, we think these boozy treats are intoxicatingly tempting. Happy sipping, gang. Smitten Ice Cream’s ‘Whiskey Chip’ for Father’s Day Available June. 18th for people of ages, Smitten Ice Cream will be scooping the diary concoctions once only allocated to our […]

Off The Menu: Celebrating National Wine Day Throughout The Bay Area

Photo via Unsplash Wine and unwind into the long-weekend. Today is National Wine Day—even though everyday should be National Wine Day—so why not use this day’s celebrations as an excuse to check out some of the best wine bars and merchants the Bay Area has to offer?  Where to Have a Glass Poured: 20 Spot […]

Why Is Getting Your Shit Back From Uber A Soap Opera: Let’s Talk How & Why This Happens

Photo via the Transit Center of America We’ve all gotten way drunker than we wanted too, called an Uber, and unfortunately have left items in said Uber. What do you do? I, who use ride sharing apps frequently, haven’t ever been privy to the idea of losing my personal items in someone’s vehicle. I triple […]

Things To Do: Common Grounds Art Festival Celebrates All Things Open-Minded Atop SF’s Sidewalks

Photo courtesy of Common Grounds Art Festival The streets are alive with the sound of… Inclusivity. As Bay Area locals, we can attest to the boundless acceptance toted by our seven-by-seven slice of terra firma. Warm conversations can be had at every coffee shop come Sunday; bridges are built at every town hall meeting or […]

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