Off The Menu: ‘Kantine’ Bakes Their Smørrebrød On Market Street

Photo via Kartine SFPhoto via Kartine SF

Photo via Kartine SF

Chef Nichole Accettola has a lot to face opening her debut spot on Market but in a toast-friendly city, we’ve got high hopes.

Currently occupied at the 1906 spot on Market St, Kantine will serve Scandinavian-inspired cuisine, including Danish open-faced sandwiches known as smørrebrød. One of their claims to SF foodie fame is the rye bread sold by the loaf daily, “rye bread is a staple in the Scandinavian kitchen,” says Nichole, “so much so, that we just had to create our own recipe. Last year we started selling it from our stand at the Ferry Plaza Farmers Market, and now a handful of the Bay Area’s best food stores stock it.”

Nichole lived in Copenhagen for 15 years and previously worked in Boston, where she met her husband and business partner, Joachim Majholm. The two have lived in the Castro for the past two and a half years.

Of course, trying to open anything in the Bay Area is a tooth and a nail to make it come true, especially on Market, where dining goes to die, she responded with positivity, “We hope it’ll be a place people in the neighborhood can come hang out, enjoy a nice meal, and feel as though there is a little bit of Scandinavia in this part of town.”

She has been selling her smørrebrød—topped with an array of thinly-sliced cheeses, meats and fish on homemade sprouted rye bread—at pop-up brunches and dinners around the city and on Saturdays at the Ferry Plaza Farmers’ Market. “We wanted to see what Americans think about this kind of food,” she said.

// 1906 Market St., FiDi,

A Typical Kartine BrunchA Typical Kartine Brunch

A Typical Kartine Brunch

Off The Menu: ‘Kantine’ Bakes Their Smørrebrød On Market Street
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