Off The Menu: The Castro Fountain Opens Its Retro Doors This Weekend, And We’re Already Drooling

Photo via Urban DaddyPhoto via Urban Daddy

Photo via Urban Daddy

After a drawn-out, cortisol-rising year dealing with zoning permits, The Castro Fountain will finally open it’s retro doors this coming weekend.

A melting pot of American-classic flare with 30s soda shop vibes, The Castro Fountain harks back to a simpler time; a decade where local eateries were akin to modern-day social media feeds. People fostered community and conversation over an ice-cold malt—much in the same way we now send cryptic food emojis in WhatsApp.

But, alas, nothing’s quite like plopping yourself firmly atop an early twentieth-century bar stool and feeling the effervescence fizzle of a cane-sugar root beer dancing around the back of your soft pallet.

Pastry Chefs Lori Rich and Chris Gallen of the nostalgic Ice Cream Bar have now transitioned their infatuation for all things diner cuisine onto the new menu of The Castro Fountain.

Daisy-yellow cakes with chocolate fudge frosting crumb the white plates of emphatic patrons; slices of warm pecan pies giveaway at the gentle pressings of aluminum forks; gooey butter cakes, nestled beneath opaque parchment, induce pavlovian-like responses in the salivary glands of all those who see them.

And, of course, there’s a litany of made-to-order, hand-crafted sodas available to the curious foodie. Using a bevy of tinctures, extracts, and small-batch syrups, you’ll never look at a Pepsi or Coke branded soft-drink again—which is to say you’ll forever be disappointed by those soda offerings from there on out.

For an even more indulgent 30s era treat, ask for a scoop of scratch-made vanilla ice cream.

If we haven’t yet convinced you to stop by their grand opening this weekend—then ice runs through your veins. (Or you’re a type-I or II diabetic—which, in that case, we’re in full support of maintaining your healthy insulin levels.)

// The Castro Fountain opens this weekend on 554 Castro Street from Friday through Sunday (11am to 12am); its regular hours after the grand opening will be Sunday through Thursday (12pm to 10pm) and Friday and Saturday (12pm to 11pm). Visit The Castro Fountain online for more tasty insights.

Off The Menu: The Castro Fountain Opens Its Retro Doors This Weekend, And We’re Already Drooling
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