Anomie In The Marina Had An LOL-Moment with a Shoplifter & It Was All Caught On Tape

Stealing from small businesses is never cool. DUH.

Especially when it happens to our dear friends, one marginal consumer got symbolically smacked upside the head by the Cow Hollow jumper, blouse, and accessory boutique ANOMIE. We’ve been known to stroll in from time to time and the owner, Chelsea Moylan, is the most down-to-earth-gal you could ever meet. Seriously, she goes out of her way for you to really experience the magic of her shop.

Lucky for Moylan, her Nest security camera was in full HD and caught the badly sunburned shoplifter in the act. What’s even more “LOL” about this situation, the embarrassed shoplifter promptly returned the merch, with extra cash, and a handwritten apology note that melted even my small business advocate heart.

The reason for the return?

Apparently she stained the shirt so she wanted to pay for it.

— Chelsea Moylan

The note reads: “I can’t apologize enough for what I did on Saturday. There are no words to adequately say I’m sorry. There is also no excuse. I realize that the honour and hard work of owning a small shop in any community is beautiful and important and should be celebrated and supported, not broken down and taken from. I don’t know what I was thinking, except that I wasn’t, and the regret and shame I feel are unbearable. Please find enclosed the items and some money to help replace the short with restocking fees. Know that this will never happen again — anywhere — and I will always be sorry.”

// 2149 Union St, Marina,

Some people... Photo via Anomie's FBSome people... Photo via Anomie's FB

Some people… Photo via Anomie’s FB

Anomie In The Marina Had An LOL-Moment with a Shoplifter & It Was All Caught On Tape
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