Sitting Matters: How A Seat Got It’s Business Legs In The Meditation World

Photography by  Ashley TarrPhotography by  Ashley Tarr

Photography by Ashley Tarr


Nkechi Njaka and Anthony Atlas have a thing for seats.

In a literal sense to the company’s name, sitting does really matter; the name of their cushions entirely fits the aesthetic they seek to achieve. The two, meeting in late 2015, sought to find a practice that satiated their need for meditation across the board.

“I had been dreaming of designing a meditation cushion that met my requirements (beautiful, comfortable, luxurious),” Njaka tells us. “And he was actually looking to do the same as a result of finding his practice challenging.” The two had come to a cross road of a yearning project in the distance.

“We both realized quickly we wanted something better to sit on!”

Sitting Matters—it honors the struggle we all face building out own meditation practice.

— Anthony Atlas

So, naturally, it was a natural fit and pivot toward cementing their cushions as tools for meditation. “Initially we only planned to use it as the name for a series of meditations,” Atlas states. “We were going to lead that were open to the public. We came up with the name by going back and forth on Asana brainstorming names that were available and felt right.”

The reality is that meditation starts from your fanny—and then works its way up. The ability to sit still, draw your energy into your core, and not lose focus is a magical thing—really!

“Mindfulness is a life practice and [Sitting Matters] this is really just a product of that. Anthony and I employ meditation for very different reasons in our respective practices. I use meditation to mitigate stress and anxiety and to give space for my creativity to expand,” Njaka tells us. “I use meditation for focus, to have discipline and attention…to life hack.” 





And the seats speak for themselves, coming in array of colorways, fabrics, and patterns—it’s a statement cushion that extends beyond the otherwise feminine and masculine stitch-work. “The practice is both light and dark and we are both masculine and feminine as founders, as humans,” Njaka adds. “We want our brand to express that in a very minimal way.” Though, making your meditation space your own is a struggle, in and of itself. Atlas spoke to this in a very sound way.”[Sitting Matters] honors the struggle we all face building out own meditation practice.”

When asked about the future of Sitting Matters, the two reflected on this and responded in such a great way: we hope to collaborate with local artists.  

“We are excited about trying out new fabric and prints. We want more people to know who we are and experience our product,” said Njaka.

At the end of our time getting know the two budding founders, we’ve learned that, truly—sitting does really matter. It’s the backbone of a balanced life. Whether we’re choosing an office chair, a cute at home side chair, or even something to use as a center piece for meditation. It’s should read comfy and support firm. Suffice to say we’re stoked to see how Nkechi and Anthony can change SF’s mediative landscape.

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Sitting Matters: How A Seat Got It’s Business Legs In The Meditation World
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