A Canvas for Muni Art: These New Tickets Have Entered Art Territory

If you’ve bought one of the tickets from one of MUNI’s new Muni fareboxes, you may have noticed that the back sides feature some beautiful artwork.

These works are from the winners of the inaugural year of Muni Art, and were displayed on 50 Muni buses in 2016. As the MTA starts to roll out a new type of Muni ticket, the municipal agency took the opportunity to double them as a canvas for local art.

With Muni Art, a collaboration with SF Beautiful, each year Muni buses are turned into rolling art galleries by displaying winning work from local artists selected through a local art competition. “This relationship lets us help make your transit ride more attractive and engage with our diverse communities,” said a representative from SF MUNI.

While each round of winning art is only displayed on Muni buses from January to April, bringing them to Muni tickets allows Muni Art to be enjoyed in the other months (and years) moving forward. The first 6 million new Muni tickets will be printed with four designs created by first-round Muni Art winners Ariel Dunitz-Johnson, Phillip Hua, Reynaldo R. Cayeteno, Jr. and Andria Lo. Designs for future rounds of ticket printing haven’t been determined yet. But it seems like a fun way to collect them all.

The new artistic Muni tickets can currently be found on 20 of the longer, 60-foot buses. After the initial test period, the new tickets and fareboxes will expand to the remaining 60-foot buses, and then to all Muni vehicles over the course of the year. Congrats to the artists who’s work will live on in people’s pockets and wallets.

A Canvas for Muni Art: These New Tickets Have Entered Art Territory
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