Take the Bus: Oakland and San Francisco Deemed Worst U.S. Cities to Drive in (Shocker)

The gridlock is real, you guys.

There’s a reason why the BART stations are always so packed. As a self-knighted eco-gypsy who flogs his ’08 Prius down and through SF’s congested city streets, I can attest to the aforementioned title. (However, I have to add: the Seventh Circle of hell goes to the I-35 merging ramp in downtown Austin where you can idle through, near as much, an entire Spottily playlist.)

To say Bay Area traffic is white-buckling would suggest we hadn’t yet already gripped out steering wheels so tightly that, eventually, our digits fell off from lack of blood circulation.

Wallethub did a recent study—and coinciding report—that ranked 100 metropolitan areas in the United States, and ranked them according to certain commuting criteria; these included such relevant topics like gas prices, travel times, etc..

Corpus Christi, Texas came in first…but, like, no one actually lives there year-round. (The Blue Bubble of Texas I alluded to earlier came in 44th, for comparison.)

And smack-dab on the bottom at 99 and 100 sits Oakland and San Francisco, respectively. Between the insanely high gas prices found in The City and East Bay, coupled with a bevy of other concrete congestive issues, the two Bay Area metropolitan areas won the participation medal by leaps-and-bounds.

Moral of the story: as frustrating at the BART system may be at times, plot twist—driving is, in fact, hella worse.

Take the Bus: Oakland and San Francisco Deemed Worst U.S. Cities to Drive in (Shocker)
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