‘Flower Piano’ is Back at The Gardens Again Because, Well, it’s Fantastic

In collaboration with Sunset Piano the Garden will once again be filled with sounds summer music.

Summer’s a time where not only are the hills around San Francico are alive with music—but so are the flower beds, as well. Now four-days deep into this year’s concert series, the well-celebrated “Flower Piano” recitals are, again, being put on by the SF Botanical Gardens. Like years past, onlookers, would-be pianist, or even the odd tourist can sit in solace in the beautiful garden greens, taking in all the sweet tunes of summer celebration.

What me be most important is that Flower Piano is for,  by the people; it’s a series that’s both curated and played, absent of any corporate or marketing greed. This amazing program is free to all San Francisco residents and included in general admission costs for non-resident (i.e. the “ever odd tourist”).

And because free-and-frugal outings are amongst the most popular to us Bay Area locals—for obvious reasons—seats fill up quick. Be sure to get to any said recital about thirty-minutes before the first piano key is struck.

// Tickets the the NighGarden Piano concert here for $40; it’s one of the more special nights during the concert series. Also, visit the organization’s crowdfunding page to help keep this series going for a fourth year!

‘Flower Piano’ is Back at The Gardens Again Because, Well, it’s Fantastic
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