Literacy Should Never Be Dead Last: Run On’s 5k to Set a New PR and Better Bay Area Reading Rates

Run you way to not only a better self—but toward a more literate Bay Area, as well.

In a world where our attention spans are pulled and tested and tugged to the brink, literacy (in all its forms) has becoming something of a privilege. Even right here in the Bay Area—a metropolitan celebrated for its upper educational prowess and rich academic communities—we have an illiteracy rate hovering around 8%. That’s staggering. And worrisome, to be frank.

But, come this Thursday, the 27th, you can run push yourself to a new 5k PR…while also helping others embrace the power of the written word.

On—a running specialty company that’s now one of the best-selling, fastest-growing running shoe ware companies in the world—will be hosting a hella unique 5k at 111 Minna Gallery this week to benefit Youth Speaks efforts to help bolster reading rates. Upon checking in at the gallery, you’ll be greeted with your first uniquely On-run-only experience: demoing well-made running shoes within the confines of a meticulously lit gallery. (Why can’t more 5Ks be more like this?)


Then, promptly at 6pm, you’ll be weaving in-and-around some of SF’s most spellbinding pieces of street art, budding-up with fellow runners along the way. Make a friend; start-up a conversation. Don’t take life too seriously…unless you’re, truly, trying to break your own personal 5K record—which we fully support.

Now some twenty-minutes later, freshly sweated and, likely, starving, celebrate crossing the finish line in one piece with complimentary food and drink. Oh, and while you’re fueling back up your carbohydrate reserves, take note of the interactive live art demonstrations that are happening to your left and right. What better way to recover from a fast-paced 3.2-miles than by pondering painted canvasses, horderve and sparkling water in hand?

While not everyone may be quite ready to hit a sub-seventeen-minute 5K, there is one cultural milestone we can all speed ahead toward—and that’s widespread literacy. We’ll see you there.

// Tickets begin at $10 a piece, with all proceeds going toward the literacy programs provided by Youth Speaks; feel free to also shop around On’s online men and women selections to pick-up your next pair of running shoes for the fall race season.

Literacy Should Never Be Dead Last: Run On’s 5k to Set a New PR and Better Bay Area Reading Rates
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