Off The Menu: Coletta Gelato Moves In On Valencia

If you didn’t read about this new dreamy gelato spot debuting earlier this year, wait until you hear this story!

And no, they’re not opening a completely new full-fledge store but the folks over at Harrington Galleries have kindly set their space apart for the gelato boys to flourish in this vibrant neighborhood. While combining vintage furniture and gelato may not seem like the best idea (stains are the worst,) Coletta manager Noah Marsh spoke to the difficulty of opening new shops in the city. Marsh said Harrington Gallery’s owners were looking to bring new life into the space “also, it is very cool to eat some gelato and see some old and new furniture,” said Marsh, “it is kind of nostalgic.”

With the Mission picking up new business all along (i.e Souvla, Motze now Duna, etc) Valencia and at even 16th St., SF’s classic and longstanding businesses have to find ways to keep up with “the times.” For the gallery, their excited to be welcoming in new housemates, “we welcome our new friends and cohabitants Coletta Gelato to the space with open arms,” said Harrington Galleries from their Facebook.

The gelateria has its own entrance and occupies a 300-square-foot space inside the store, complete with bistro tables and chairs. The gelato is served in piccolo (two scoops) for $5, and grande (three scoops) for $7. Guests can also purchase gelato to-go in biodegradable insulated containers for $18 (serves 4-6 people) or $35 (serves 8+).

// 599 Valencia St. (at 17th St.,) Mission,


Off The Menu: Coletta Gelato Moves In On Valencia
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