JINS Eyewear Brings The ‘Frontswitch’ to the Center Stage Of Eyewear Tech

When was the last time you had to squint your eyes while doing… well, anything in the sun?

We all desperately search for sunglasses that match our actual glasses to the T. Well, that is exactly what Frontswitch has done—rolled prescription glasses and sunglasses into one. With JINS’ latest Frontswitch, you can be wearing your normal prescription glasses, but the moment you decide to hit the open (or congested) road or partake in any Bay Area activity, you just have to put on the magnetic clip-on shades and just like putting on sunscreen… voila, your eyes are protected from the sun!

Luckily for us, since San Francisco’s seasons are irrelevant, the Frontswitch seamless mixes with our existing wardrobes. Pairing well with our Freda Salvadors or our fave Whichkim jacket, we never have to trade in our multiple pairs of glasses or sunglasses to fit in with the Dolores Park crowd. Whether we’re getting ice cream at CREAM on 16th or drinks at Local Edition on Market, being called four-eyes is the thing of the past. The magnetic clip-on shades are tinted shades that come in four different shapes and colors. Our favorite colors include pink, silver, blue, and green. Snap them on and out the door you go.

We gave Frontswitch a go; the easy to wear, carry, and store factor really sold us on it. They’re also $150 for the whole set and much cheaper than buying a separate pair of prescription sunglasses. Deals, guys. Deals. We keep them in a slim case that fits perfectly into our denim jacket pockets. Of course, we love a protective case but sorry bulky, we’re moving onto something much more sleek.

When you enter JINS’ flagship store in Union Square, we immediately noticed a huge assortment of frames lining the walls. All designed in Tokyo, the glasses are affordably priced from $60 to about $140 (which includes prescription lenses and a standard coating). What’s one of the best things about JINS is also that you can get your glasses made in less than 30 minutes at the store. No more having to wait for your insurance to kick in, waiting aimlessly, and hearing back days later. Even better, you can even see your glasses being made by a huge robot in a glass covered room. The future is seriously now at JINS.

// If you haven’t checked out the JINS flagship, take a trip downtown; 151 Powell St., Union Square, jins.com

The JINS Eyewear Flagship LoungeThe JINS Eyewear Flagship Lounge

The JINS Eyewear Flagship Lounge

JINS Eyewear Brings The ‘Frontswitch’ to the Center Stage Of Eyewear Tech
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