Something’s Different About These More Recent San Francisco Park Shootings—the Sun

Dolores became a shooting rane; Twin Peaks saw a man die. Both were in broad daylight.

I, myself, am not a native to San Francisco, In fact, I come from the intellectual right that is Dallas. It was the promise land of the 80’s, the divine cinematic epicenter of the Wild-Wild West. And, now some years later, is a tech-savvy and up-and-coming progressive metropolis in the heartland of all things gunpowder. My friends shot guns; I took up a bow and arrow. Because, truthfully, the idea of a metallic peg speeding toward a target, be it flesh or fabric or feral, seemed too God-like of a power for me to rest in my mere teenage palms.

The notion of wielding a tool that allows one to be the alpha and the omega of any given situation is intoxicating.

And it’s left our parks just that—toxic.

On August 3rd, Dolores was littered with not the usual plastic and paper fare, but shellings instead. A man, unfettered by the afternoon hour he had chosen to unload six rounds into a crowd of bystanders, injured three in the process. Thankfully, all are believed to be in stable condition now.

“At first people didn’t totally react because it sounded like fireworks,” said Antonia Juhasz, a writer and freelance journalist, said to Mercury News.

“I was yelling at people, ‘It’s actually a gun, it’s actually a gun.’”

It was only a few weeks prior that famed and acclaimed photographer Edward Finch was murdered atop Twin Peaks, robbed of his possessions and left to die. He, too, was far from in the wrong, scouting for a film just shy of 7am.

“He could talk to anybody,” French’s friend, Sean House, said of him in mourning. “A location manager has to walk up to a house because the director likes the look of the house, knock on the front door and say to the residents: ‘Hey can we bring in 60 people and film in here?’ and get them to say yes.”

Granted, we’re no strangers to violence, petty or otherwise, in our beloved city. (In fairness: most of punishable offence by law are stemmed from poverty.) But, usually, these are cloaked under the cowardness afford by a dim-lit moon. These are not things to be done during the limelight of high noon. Especially not in front of families, children, tourists. Innocent people who have no set agenda worth pursuing.

What’s the lesson? Stay close, gang. Embrace the buddy system. Even during the SPF-wearing hours.

Something’s Different About These More Recent San Francisco Park Shootings—the Sun
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