Napa Valley’s Own Forno Piombo is Bringing Back the Beauty of Artisanal Oven Making

Who needs sugar and spice when you have embers and smoke?

Napa Valley is ubiquitous with wines; the two go together like a full-bodied Sancerre and a goat’s milk cheese, spread atop a lightly toasted baguette. There’s truly—and in a very literal sense—something in the soil that seems to birth the finest grapes, the most luscious tomatoes, and, perhaps, even help hone the most well-executed artisan creations. The latter is where father and son team Tony and Guy Piombo come into the picture—two powerhouses in their own right who assemble, arguably, the best wood-fire ovens anywhere outside of Naples.

Everything from the hand-picked materials to the near countless hours of heart-felt labor put into each and every oven harks back to a time where quality reigned supreme. Not quantity. Nor ROIs. Instead, it’s the unfettering craftsmanship and attention to both detail and community that’s defined their family-owned operation.

“We treat all of our past, present and potential clients like family,” say the father and son duo. “When you purchase an oven from Forno Piombo, you are also buying a lifetime membership into our wood fire community.”

But Piombos do more than just build ovens for their clients, they also supply them the very real-life know-how on utilizing their now owned ovens. (Operating a stone-fired oven is a far cry from most of our ideas of attentive cooking—which often entail rotating the microwave tray or cutting a slit in the cling plastic mid-cycle.)

If you’re eager to learn more about the Piombos and their artisan ovens, be sure to keep-up with their blog; if you’re yearning to test one out before writing the check, Forno Piombo also offers rental ovens that can be transported to their desired destinations.

All-in-all, the Italian rooted men have put the heart back into firing-up an oven and cooking a meal for close friends and family. After all, we all know the soulful center of anyone’s house or apartment or condo is the kitchen…sans that microwave.

// Checkout more of their past oven creation at Looking for some killer recipes to cook in either a traditional or wood-fired oven? Slave over their roasted chicken, baked bread, and roasted vegetable recipes.

Napa Valley’s Own Forno Piombo is Bringing Back the Beauty of Artisanal Oven Making
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