Off The Menu: Hella Halal Is SoMa’s Late Night Destination

A new halal spot has opened it’s doors and late night eaters can rejoice in SoMa.

The newcomer to SoMa, called Hella Halal, is a semi-permanent pop-up at 320 11th St. (between Folsom St & Harrison St), inside Garage Cafe.

Evolving Since 2012, Hella Halal, formerly Halal Halal made their debut at the SF Underground Market. At the time, the mission was to bring east coast flavors to the west coast. After gaining experience from other foodies in the Bay Area, it was time to evolve their concept. A former employee, now founder, proposed to re-invent Halal Halal into Hella Halal—a Mediterranean Fusion flavor that still highlights the NY staple. Hella Halal was exactly what the spot needed in order to connect to it’s California eaters.

And if you’re curious, the Hella Halal team crisps and bastes their gyro to give it that extra pop. Two of their specialites, the fresh handcrafted “Shriratta Sauce” is made from a sriracha-base inspired with middle eastern seasonings to give it a hot/tangy flavoring and pairs perfectly along with the cool “Thizziki Sauce” which is made from a greek yogurt base mixed with fresh locally grown cucumbers, lemons, mint, and the secret seasonings all blended, equating to a mouthwatering experience. 

There’s just one review on Yelp thus far, which gives it five stars, noting its 3 a.m. closing time on Fridays and Saturdays—which should come in handy for the area’s many bar- and club-goers. In case you wanted to try out the hella experience yourself, just note that they are closed on Sundays and opened until late most nights.

// 320 11th St., SoMa,


Off The Menu: Hella Halal Is SoMa’s Late Night Destination
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