Things To Do: The First Ever Castro Art Walk Is Coming This Thursday

Proven to be a neighborhood success, the Castro is getting with it and is exploring the Art Walk scene.

Coming together with 10 artists in the community, the Castro will soon turn the party foot traffic into a vibrant artists hurrah. Starting for the first time this Thursday, all will be open from 6 to 9 p.m., many with free refreshments and live music.

Angie Sticher of Spark Arts and Alycia Piazza of Art Attack SF are two of the art walk’s organizers. “After a year and a half,” Piazza said, “we had a steady group of visitors and locals that were excited to see what we’re doing. When we moved to the Castro, we couldn’t wait for the neighborhood art walk—until we learned there wasn’t one.”


“We’ve been looking for ways to to bring artists in touch with Castro merchants,” Sticher said. In June, the two gallery owners began to coordinate a neighborhood art walk with a September launch as their goal. On Thursday, Swirl will offer a special flight called “The Art of Wine,” which will feature wines with beautifully-designed wine labels. The tasting will be priced at $15, and Minns will also have pieces from the “Grumpy Guncles” show on display.

“We hope people who like to visit the Castro will want to experience something different,” Piazza said.

// Castro Art Walk, 6 p.m. — 9 p.m.,  4229 18th St, Castro,

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Things To Do: The First Ever Castro Art Walk Is Coming This Thursday
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