Bay Area artist Tucker Nichols Releases Solo Exhibition ‘Patio Music’

A simplicity of color, Bay Area artist Tucker Nichols sets the mood with his solo Patio Music.

Like snapshots from his life, Nichols expresses his painting to simulate “a vibrant storm of energy, while being somber and sweet.” As flowers serve as malleable messengers in Nichols’s paintings, they also provide the perfect amount of content for him to remain free in his work. The New York Times’ Roberta Smith writes, “Part of the modernity and joy of Mr. Nichols’s paintings is the suggestion that all the elements in a composition are autonomous. The pictures are all temporary arrangements that will scatter as soon as you look away. That they seem eager to do so is part of their strength.”  Nichols continues this sense of play and innovative use of space for Patio Music.

Hosted at Gallery 16, the expansive spots homes Nichols’ intensively emotional work while you get to roam around with freedom. Gallery 16 was founded in 1993 by artist Griff Williams with the primary focus of representing and advocating for the work of living contemporary artists. In addition to the regular exhibition schedule, the gallery sponsors artists talks, and hosts performances and music throughout the year. It’s their belief that the brick and mortar gallery model, to be culturally relevant, needs to embody new strategies for facilitating and presenting artist’s projects. The space, as Williams describes it, “allows for the artist to fail. We don’t create exhibitions around curatorial agendas, but extend an invitation to artists we trust and hope they use the opportunity to challenge themselves without restrictions.”

// 501 3rd St, SoMa,; In coordination with Patio Music on Sunday, October 1st, Gallery 16 will host an all ages drawing session and conversation with artist Tucker Nichols and writer Dave Eggers. Guests will enjoy an afternoon of drawing exercises, including methods for destroying rejected drawings, as well as keeping the ones you like!


Bay Area artist Tucker Nichols Releases Solo Exhibition ‘Patio Music’
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