Shop Talk: The Reset’s Pop Up Brings Fillmore Street Back to the Basics

The Reset, the San Francisco-based company aiming to inspire women through online content and fashion, has opened its first pop-up shop on Fillmore Street. We chatted with designer Cat Wu about the versatility of the line, and why San Francisco is crazy about it.

Founder and CEO Maria Peevey and designer Cat Wu kept women in mind while creating the premiere R Label line, which provides customers with the perfect basics to build a go-to wardrobe around.

“We are San Francisco born and bred. The fashion style here is different from so many other cities in that it’s a little more casual, but it’s all about the layering because of the weather. You never know what kind of microclimate you’re going to land in from day to day, so the whole line is about effortless dressing,” she explained. “You can layer, throw on some booties, throw on a different topper and you’re ready to go to dinner. You can take that topper off, put a sweater on with sneakers and you’re good to go. Really easy layering that takes you literally from day to night with the change of a pair of shoes and a handbag. We really designed it around layering and also being able to fit within your existing wardrobe, too.”

While chasing the trends can be fun in itself, The Reset’s R Label focuses on classic, wearable, versatile pieces that are functional for all women on their path to success. In addition to the clothing line, the Reset curates an online homebase; a site where customers and readers in general can go for daily inspiration, fashion advice, and upbeat empowerment.

The Reset tells women that life isn’t a one-time arrival. It’s always possible to get back to the basics and redirect your path.

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Similarly, The Reset label focuses on classic, go-to pieces that carry women from era to era, goal to goal, life change to life change. And on a more quotidien scale, the looks carry you from day to night with a flourish, too.

Wu explained it’s not only the styles and cuts of the label that make it stand out, but also the work that went into picking the fabrics from places such as Japan, that truly lends the pieces their comfort, quality, and longevity. Pacific Heights has proved a prime location for the premiere R Label storefront, with customers interacting with the styles and fabrics and recommending the brand to their friends.  

“We are working on spring development now, strategizing and looking at what our future holds…” Wu added, “When people try the label on in person they love it even more, so getting it in front of customers is really important. As far as expanding the line, so much of it is word of mouth, people passing it on to their friends and sisters and mom. That grass roots growth is really important. It’s definitely helping us grow a loyal fanbase.”

The pop-up shop on Fillmore is set to close its doors on October 6th, however, Wu said there is talk of extending the shop through October due to its positive reception.

You can expect a lot more from the company in the coming months. Continue shopping R Label online, look for inspiration from the site’s curated personal stories, and get your daily pep talk from The Reset instagram.

Empowering ladies (of all ages and lifestyles) and forging a path toward easy, breezy, functional fashion? We’re down.

// The Reset Pop Up Shop, 2358 Fillmore Street, Pac Heights, Open Mon—Sat 11 a.m. — 6 p.m., Sun 11 a.m. — 5 p.m.

Shop Talk: The Reset’s Pop Up Brings Fillmore Street Back to the Basics
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