Get It Beauty: Flush Blush Bloom

Though we’re enjoying more sun than normal in SF, we’re also enjoying some beauty trends spotted on gals all around the bay. So to quickly go over what we’re loving, here is a fantastic guide to Indian summer beauty with the Bob Cut team.

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1.) Impressionism Leads To Believe

Have you been walking near Haight Ashbury and spotted younger teens sporting a more bold eye shadow as of late? Move over Jenners, this new avant-garde-to-street look to breaking the conventional pretty and giving SF a much needed breather from perfection. 

How to achieve: No need to know the in’s and out’s of a smokey eye, paint it on and rock your bare skin. We highly recommend the Skinn Cosmetics’ Smokey Treatment Palette to achieve this rich hue of blue.

When to wear this look?: For the bold that makes a statement, why not wear it to your next gala at City Hall? Paired with a blue evening gown or a yellow slip dress (pictured above)—your inner Picasso will speak for itself.

Pro tip: To get that rich/shiny-er shade of blue, wet your brush slightly to really slap the product onto the lid and seal with a setting spray. The dewier, the better.


2.) Blooming Flower

Along the lines of look number 1, this color-way is more wearable on a day-to-day aspect. Still in the messy but chic territory—another good idea to slap on when you’re on your way to the farmer’s market at Embarcadero or the farmer’s market in the Castro.

How to achieve: Slightly similar to look number 1, painting in small rounder strokes/layers will achieve this level of radiance. A little out of the ordinary but we would use the Elizabeth Street Cosmetics’ Street Stick in Haight.

When to wear this look?: This look is more day ready, why not grab a meal at Namu Stonepot on Divisadero or take a cute Instagram at Rare Device?

Pro tip: Fingers for applying will help the building on the color. Using your ring finger and tapping lightly (NO SWIPING) will help you build the color you want.

laura4 copy.jpglaura4 copy.jpg

3.) Read Between The Lines

The ultimate in minimal eye looks—the white line has popped up on several girls in the Mission and even the men as well. No color, no hue, no fuss—great for everyday or if drawn on bolder & bigger, for night as well.

How to achieve: As you would apply a normal eyeliner, layering and setting it with a powder will help achieve that matte and sleek texture. We immediately grab our Prestige Eyeliner Pencil in E-30 White.

When to wear this look?: Cafe trips that end up as social media grabs are the bee’s knees. Go to Reville Coffee on 18th and knock those boys out.

Pro tip: Layering is indeed key, take it slow and map out your eyeliner to achieve a sharper look.

// Photography by Danielle Rueda, styling by Danielle Wallis, beauty by Lisa Teller, Model: Laura Urbano, Boss Model Management. Laura is wearing Natalie Klapper, Kenzo, and Vacation SF.

Get It Beauty: Flush Blush Bloom
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