Art In Color: A Light Installation Is Coming Next Month To The Castro

And it honors Harvey Milk in the most extravagant way possible.

To honor our first openly gay elected official, Illuminate The Arts and Friends of Harvey Milk Plaza will unveil two light displays honoring the LGBT icon next month to commemorate the 40th anniversary Harvey Milk’s election to the Board of Supervisors.


In a way to beautify the already colorful Castro, the ongoing redesign of Harvey Milk Plaza, which recently announced the final three designs for the space, will be transformed to properly honor the ones who fought for our rights.

Right above the now Soulcycle building, “Harvey’s Halo” will light up the night’s sky as a “colorful beacon of equality above into the sky above Harvey Milk Plaza,” Illuminate wrote. Sadly though, this installation will not last forever, Harvey’s Halo will be visible for seven nights over two weekends in November. The 15 colored beams, each powered by 350 watts, a will be visible all the way down Market Street to the Ferry Building.

Along with the neon sign, “Hope Will Never Be Silent”, these art pieces are here to immortalize the man who came, saw, and concurred for us. “The art is designed to honor the life and legacy of Harvey Milk through light’s power of attraction,” Illuminate founder and CEO Ben Davis told the Chronicle.

// Illuminate and Friends of Harvey Milk Plaza are also seeking donations to help cover the cost of installing the two pieces of public art. You can make your donation to the link above or share this article to get the word out.

Art In Color: A Light Installation Is Coming Next Month To The Castro
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