Trevor The Truffle Man Launches His Own Brand of Edibles—A Win For Small Business

The man who’s roamed the hillsides of Dolores Park has gotten his big break, the launch of his very own cannabis brand. Totally legit too.

The Truffle Man, a.k.a. Trevor, a.k.a. Chester Copperpots, is launching his very own edibles line and going legit. Yes, now that recreational pot is about to become a fully legal enterprise, Trevor—who still doesn’t want to reveal his full name in the press just yet—is leasing production space in Oakland’s “green zone” to increase the capacity of his business, as Eater reports

And frankly put, Trevor has been connecting the Dolores Park community for years.

“I’ve changed my dosages around a lot over the years,” Trevor explains to Eater. “I hated the idea of someone eating them, and telling me they didn’t work. And then, I found that people don’t need them that strong.” But for Trevor, it was a bit touch and go at the time, with his Yelp page being blown up and even a community-made T-shirt—being an underground edibles seller among a number of underground entrepreneurs in the park, concerned him. But in the end, it was all part of building his brand and reputation.

Truffle Man chocolates had hit the shelves of local dispensaries like SPARC, in newly created copper/gold boxes, each with a potency of about 10 mg THC — making them among the lowest-dose edibles you can buy, despite these truffles being notoriously strong in years’ past.

If there is anything to learn from this: hard work and stick to-it-ness really pays off in the end.

// Of course, if you wanna try these delectable treats, you can purchase them off of him when he’s at Dolores Park or stop by SPARC and ask for the maker’s wares. $12 each. (Also in case you want more cannabis recommendations, start with our easy to browse 420 guide.)

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Trevor The Truffle Man Launches His Own Brand of Edibles—A Win For Small Business
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