A Night Out on the Town: UNICEF’s SF Gala Was One of Glitz, Glamour, and Goodwill

Earlier this month, hundreds of charitable souls graced the Ritz Carlton downtown for an evening dipped in gemstones and drawn-out by lofty donations–half-a-million, to be exact.

Last Saturday evening, on yet another fog enveloped, street-lit night in downtown San Francisco, the Northwest Regional Office of UNICEF USA hosted their inaugural UNICEF Gala San Francisco at no other than the iconic Ritz-Carlton Hotel. The event was one no well-versed fiction writer could have set up better.

Blue and purple iridescent hues backdropped the main presentation stage, bathed in a generous lighting; intimate tables of eight and up populated the space just to the front of the podium; white linens and equally luminous bits of decor seemingly danced in earned grace, filling the room with a seraphic-like presence of effortless elegance.

DJ Eric Prydz spun his world-renowned set-lists, circumnavigating the room with heavy bass notes and heart-stopping trebles. The room, too, featured a virtual reality bar with experiences showcasing UNICEF’s work in the field; Valentino was a lead sponsor, helping to bolster the evening together in seamless transitions.


But, alas, the main pull for the night’s itinerary was that of celebration, honoring UNICEF’s Goodwill Ambassador Ishmael Beah with the Spirit of Compassion Award. Since his appointment as UNICEF’s first Advocate for Children Affected by War in 2007, Ishmael has worked towards putting children first in every fashionable way, often foregoing his own levels of comfort to help better the upcoming generations.

Even long after the dinner plates were cleared and the sound accouterments put away, one notion rang true in those who graced the Ritz Carlton in their either flouncy or handsome couture: we can change the world around us, one charitable act at a time.

UNICEF continues to do incredible work around the world, spearheading revolutionary global relief efforts—for both the young, the old; men and women alike. 

// For more information on UNICEF’s philanthropic efforts and how you, too, can aide them, visit unicefus.org



A Night Out on the Town: UNICEF’s SF Gala Was One of Glitz, Glamour, and Goodwill
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