Paint the Town Green: John Green Hits the Bay This Week

Everyone’s favorite YA author (and let’s not lie, we’ve read his books as “adults,” too) is coming to the Bay this week— and you can still get tickets.

John Green graced us with a new novel this month after a six-year break. Now, he’s gracing the Bay with his literary presence.

That’s right, the man who shredded your heart with a cheese grater in The Fault in Our Stars and wrote the soul crushing story of first unrequited love in Looking for Alaska is all ours for two days. He’ll hit the Curran Theater with Book Passage in SF on Tuesday, October 31st and then head on into the Alameda County Fairgrounds with Towne Center Books on Wednesday, November 1st.

Green’s new book hit shelves earlier this month, and everyone took notice. Turtles All the Way Down is all the quirky, endearing, intelligent, bittersweet realness Green is loved for, with an added personal facet to the novel as main character Aza struggles with the spiraling anxiety of OCD tendencies, a condition Green shares. Read it for yourself and experience the author in person.

// Love John Green? Tickets for SF’s show available at and Pleasanton’s event at; Watch Bob Cut’s Instagram stories for live updates!

Paint the Town Green: John Green Hits the Bay This Week
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