The ‘Do Better Box’ is Just What We Need in the Age of ‘Couch Activism’

We’re a city that, quite frankly, always aims to “do better.”

San Francisco is a politically rambunctious place, as it’s always been—but, now, has ramped-up its political mindedness to the tenth-degree.Between organizing protests and being the anchoring root for so many social and political movements, it’s hard to think about the Bay Area without mulling over acts of activism.

While many of us San Franciscans love to do our part to help the greater good both on social media and on the streets, finding a way to combine activism into our everyday lives can be tricky; cumbersome even. (Social media is obviously an incredible tool to give everyone a platform to speak out on injustices, however, there is the danger that most of us, who are surrounded by like-minded individuals, get sucked into an echo chamber, wherein our voices are just speaking to those who believe in the same things we believe in.)

That’s where the Do Better Box comes into play: creating a tangible sense of social betterment outside the realms of social media.

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The kickstarter project called the Do Better Box is at the forefront of combining fashion and activism. The Do Better Box is a subscription box wherein every month you will receive a t-shirt from varying organizations who support causes such as civil rights, animal welfare, and environmental conservation. Not only will the box include a thought-provoking t-shirt, but it will also come with an explanation of both the cause and the t-shirt, ways in which to talk about the cause or issue with others, and resources to educate yourself and others on the issue.   

Danny Rothschild, the creator of the Do Better Box “Activism shouldn’t begin and end with a hashtag. We can all do better, and we can start with shirts that’s not only say something, but do something too.” Not only will the Do Better Box help to raise money for causes that need funding now more than ever, but that the simple act of wearing a t-shirt can be the catalyst to spread the word about causes that others may not be aware of.

// Production of the boxes will begin in January of 2018; the boxes will cost $30 plus shipping per month and you can sign up at

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The ‘Do Better Box’ is Just What We Need in the Age of ‘Couch Activism’
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