Shop Talk: Jane’s Vanity Brings Luxury Back On the Scene

Luxury isn’t dead and Jane’s Vanity is here to prove it to you.

The company, which has been bringing together assemblages of loungewear, lingerie, and intimate accessories for the past twenty years, showed off their latest collection at a trunk show at the Battery Penthouse last Friday in SF.

The already swanky space appeared even more luxurious with racks of Jane’s latest pieces; we’re talking velvet, silk, and lace unbounded, all in rich colors and lavish patterns.

Jane’s Vanity pulls from high-end designers from cities like London and Paris, constantly in search of the next piece that will seamlessly fit into their collection. This season, the top picks were Morpho x Luna, Gilda & Pearl, and Olivia von Halle. Think of lush velvet lounge pants in autumnal chartreuse and silk emerald gowns reminiscent of the cut-on-the-bias Hollywood styles of the 1940s. That’s something you don’t find everyday.

So if you happen to be looking for envy-inducing intimate fashion this holiday season, you may want to start here. The price point is high, but so is the quality. Not everyone can afford top-dollar pajamas, but hey, treat yourself every once in awhile, right?

// For information on upcoming events with Jane’s Vanity, click here.


Shop Talk: Jane’s Vanity Brings Luxury Back On the Scene
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