Off The Menu: Mersea SF Plants Roots On Treasure Island

UPDATE 1: As the space comes together for Treasure Island and a closer open date is set, owners Parke Ulrich and MeeSun Boice are on the heels of their space.  Now fully settling on the shipping container concept, we cannot wait for the later fall opening. 

“With all of the development, a permanent structure wasn’t an option,” Boice said. ”When we drove around the island, we saw there were multitude of shipping containers. We loved the idea of preserving the naval history of the island, the port history of San Francisco and repurposing the containers as an environmentally conscience solution. “


That’s one small step for business, one giant step for bringing good food to the forgotten isle.

Yep, you heard us right. Mersea SF will be Treasure Island’s only full-time, full-service restaurant available. Inside Scoop has the early scoop, via a Facebook presence and Instagram account, and they’ve only announced that the place is going to feature “comfort-casual, seaside treats” and drinks.

We believe that Mersea will be the pioneering first to bring quality of life back into Treasure Island, due to a not-yet-started housing reformation, the island is currently being torn down to make way for businesses and affordable housing.

There are only two spots that currently serve food on the island: Aracely, which is more of a breakfast/brunch spot that double as an event space but which recently expanded service to seven days a week; and Danilov, formerly the Treasure Island Bar & Grill, which serves Russian and Georgian food but is essentially just a banquet hall. Woods Island Club debuted on the eastern side of the island last year, serving Woods beers and hosting occasional food trucks and such, and there are other drinking options for the casual tourist that include a couple of winery tasting rooms.

No menus have been set but the space will be serving food out of shipping containers (for the time being). We will update this article with up to the minute information!

// 699 Avenue Of The Palms, Treasure Island,

Off The Menu: Mersea SF Plants Roots On Treasure Island
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