10 Friendsgiving Ideas That Will Wow Your… Friends—Here’s What To Bring

For those who can’t go home for a meal and to be with loved ones, well Friendsgiving is the perfect time to honor your second family. Here are 10 businesses we’re highlighting you give you a better idea on how to celebrate.

Rice Paper Scissors

Started, built, and opened by founders Katie Kwan and Valerie Luu—Rice Paper Scissors has commanded the Bay Area’s attention with their big bowls of pho, detailed design work, and an atmosphere that invites the whole crowd. So why not take them into your home during FG? We see no reason not too. Check out their menu and go grab a few things for the table. // ricepaperscissors.com; header image by Andria Lo

Photo via Mission ChinesePhoto via Mission Chinese

Photo via Mission Chinese

Mission Chinese

At this point, you all know who, what, and where Mission Chinese is. They take classic dishes from everything Northern, Southern, Eastern, Western and spin them so hard you could of swore your tastebuds were straight up lying to you. But if you’re looking to be the hot shot at the table, bring a family size plate of whatever you love and let the compliments follow. // missionchinesefood.com

Photo by Ashley TarrPhoto by Ashley Tarr

Photo by Ashley Tarr

Third Culture Bakery

The classic, the original, the Mochi Muffin by Third Culture Bakery will FOR SURE turn the party. The creators Sam Butarbutar and Wenter Shyu have cracked the code on the perfect crust, filling, and flavor that can’t be replicated by denizens—I.E we keep crawling back for more. Now for your dinner, bring a tray of these bad boys and watch them fly out the door. // thirdculturebakery.com

Photo via PinterestPhoto via Pinterest

Photo via Pinterest

Homeroom Mac N’ Cheese

Three-four words: Vegan Mac N’ Cheese. The Homeroom in Oakland is reinventing the mac n’ cheese wheel with their array of various cheeses in all shapes and forms. Plus, VEGAN. HELLO. You don’t see this around often and if you’re looking to impress your eaters this holiday season than grab a tin of this beloved dish and serve it out as appetizers. // homeroom510.com

Photo via Wikimedia CommonsPhoto via Wikimedia Commons

Photo via Wikimedia Commons


We mean, the least obvious of the bunch but currently Whole Foods is having a sale for their turducken items. Like we don’t know how to really spin this dinner essential. Not a fan of a conventional turkey? Turducken! TURDUCKEN. // wholefoodsmarket.com

Photo courtesy of Matilda's MagnoliasPhoto courtesy of Matilda's Magnolias

Photo courtesy of Matilda’s Magnolias

Matilda’s Magnolias

Not food but if you want to bring the ambience to the party, make a gorgeous table center with Matilda’s Magnolias. These bad boys are plucked and primed daily, delivered to your door, and come with instructions and concepts on how to build the perfect arrangement. Of course, not food but we know your friends would appreciate a gorgeous bouquet on the dinner table. Again, it’s all about ambience. // matildasmagnolias.com

Photo via PexelsPhoto via Pexels

Photo via Pexels

All Star Donut

A classic donut spot in the Sunset and Inner Richmond where $5 could get you a box to go and smiles at the dinner table. Coming in all flavors, sizes, textures, and creme-filled—All Star Donuts is great for those hoping to save a quick buck but look like they brought the fun to the party. // 399 5th St, Inner Richmond

Photo via CyneatsPhoto via Cyneats

Photo via Cyneats

Bob’s Donuts (Giant Donut)

Unlike the other donut reference above, you could also go ALL IN with Bob’s Donuts 7-pound challenge. Essentially, you’re bringing a cake to the party and forks/knives will have to be used. Their classic baddie comes glazed, made on the spot, and fresh for when you get across town for the Friendsgiving spectacle. We suggest calling ahead of time and letting them know so you can easily pick up and be out the door. // (415) 776-3141

Photo by Patricia Chang/Eater SFPhoto by Patricia Chang/Eater SF

Photo by Patricia Chang/Eater SF

Namu Stonepot

Recently opened, recently featured, and now here’s hoping you bring them to your dinner table. This fast-casual Korean mash-up  of good flavors is the acting main course to any of the other side dishes brought. For take-out, you’ll received a cup of broth, noodles, veggies, etc—whisk those into a bowl at home and WA-LA, you’ve got yourself some Namu at home. // namustonepot.com

Photo courtesy of Bread SRSLYPhoto courtesy of Bread SRSLY

Photo courtesy of Bread SRSLY


Of course, how could you forget about the item everyone snacks on until dinner is TRULY ready. Our editors got to taste this wonderful piece of dough at West Coast Craft last summer and to our surprise (knowing it was gluten-free and sourdough) that it was so bangin’. We were incredibly tempted to buy a whole loaf to eat on the main floor. Yes, it was THAT amazing. // breadsrsly.com

10 Friendsgiving Ideas That Will Wow Your… Friends—Here’s What To Bring
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