The Chicest Outhouse You Will Ever Stumble Across In Santa Cruz

Stumbling upon Imgur, we came across a post that simply read, “we built an outhouse”; intriguing to say the least.

Essentially, Jeff Waldman and his girlfriend really enjoy a nice bathroom to relieve themselves in. The two decided to build out an entirely chic outhouse on their property in Santa Cruz and as Waldman describes—it’s a hole in the ground, “like most back woods pit toilets, the poop goes in the ground and will be buried when the hole is mostly full. At that time the structure will be reused elsewhere, or converted into a micro hut with cot and a window. It’s a dry toilet, no plumbing. Just a hole in the ground. The sink outside has running water.”

Of course, their post isn’t a step-by-step guide on how to build a shitter but he clearly lays out as a quick journal of project done with his loved one and best pooch. “In short, don’t take this as a guide of how to build a finished building,” he says in his post, “I have no doubt we made a ton of mistakes. Maybe read the comments where everyone will tell me what we did wrong (which I very much welcome) and go from there.”

Check out the interior shots below because now our question is: when can we move in?







The Chicest Outhouse You Will Ever Stumble Across In Santa Cruz
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