One-Per-Week Wants Stationery To Live On In Their Monthly Subscription Box

When was the last time you received a letter? We mean, a real letter. Not a bill or coupon or postcard from your dentist reminding you to come in for you biyearly floss.

Yeah, it’s been awhile, hasn’t it? The woman behind One-Per-Week, the monthly subscription box containing greeting cards and stationery, wants to change that.

Lori Christensen started this offshoot of her Carde Blanche stationery company upon realizing that the art of writing cards and letters and sending them via snail mail has truly waned with the advent and inescapable presence of social media.

“Written word is a lost art these days. We’re losing the art of fully thought out sentences and communication,” she said. “It’s easy to have that instant gratification of sending a text to check in with people or say thank you for something. The impact of an actual card in the mail is so much greater than that.”

What she says is true. People choose kindles and nooks over books, texting and emails over letters. There’s so much lost when you remove the magic of tangibility from daily life. Her theory is, hey, maybe not everyone will write one letter per week, but if you can start the movement, that in itself is a way to reignite those sweet sensibilities.

Not only is the idea behind One-Per-Week a positive one, but the designs and art featured on the cards are fantastically unique. Each box has a theme, some of our favorites being “Furry and Feathered,” “Supportive Sentiments,” and “Namaste Mail.” Her subscribers give feedback primarily through instagram, which has been a channel through which the community has grown. There’s something wonderfully ironic about that, isn’t there? People showing excitement for snail mail via social media. Perhaps this is the balance we need.

“Everybody gets that tingly sensation when going to the mailbox,” Lori told us.. “It’s that thought of, did I get something special? Everyone does this, from children to grown men.” When you subscribe to her delivery box, that good feeling comes and goes back around.

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One-Per-Week Wants Stationery To Live On In Their Monthly Subscription Box
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