A SF Poop Map You Didn’t Know You Needed… Or Didn’t

Human feces has been a point of contempt among the SF population. And now, it’s been recorded in an interactive Google map.

The “cute” map entitled Human Wasteland marks the highest point of poop to the one off occasions in your neighborhood. It uses human waste reports made to 311 in San Francisco from DataSF and maps them in several ways. The project itself is done by Jenn Wong of Mochimachine and the project isn’t new, it’s been around for nearly nine years. We’re getting around to this now because more than ever, we’re seeing shit like you wouldn’t believe. 

But this isn’t new news at all, human fecal has been an underlying problem for San Francisco the past three years as the homeless and concert goers alike tend to relieve themselves in people’s front doors and emergency exits. Of course, Human Wasteland gives you the resources to call in case a little bit of shit is left on your front porch. 

// See if shit lives on your front porch & if you see any, use this link to report it.

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The “heat” map version of Human Wastelane

A SF Poop Map You Didn’t Know You Needed… Or Didn’t
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