8 Local Drag Queens Who Are Leading The Bay Area Drag Scene

Support your local girls and tip them, a tried and true statement at any drag show.

As we come into the end of 2017, we’ve worked, noticed, and Instagram stalked the working girls who never cease to amaze us. If you haven’t been to one of their shows, we suggest you follow them on Instagram and find out.

Cash Monet

A Harajuku meets K-POP fantasy, Cash Monet paints for the crowd of kawaii loving colors, flashing lights, and music. Most recently featured in our “Let’s Do Drag” video, Monet has a Andy Warhol effect where her face can be transplanted onto any person’s mug. It’s seriously stunning. If you haven’t seen this queen in person yet. // Follow above to be in the know of her schedule.

Mama Celeste

You know a Mama Celeste performance when it involves heavy rock music, fists and kicks flying out into the audience, or even a stage dive for the hell of it. Celeste takes drag to it’s grungy and dark roots, but with a mug that’s completely glammed from eyelash to lip liner. But don’t think this queen is all about moshing, she’ll read you the house down time and again if you aren’t too careful. // Follow above to get to know her.


Sugah Betes

A musical queen herself, Sugah Betes knows how to keep a theater crowd entertained. Staring in most of the “Drag Experience” parodies, her recent involvement in the ‘Hamilton-The Drag Experience‘ left us wanting more. Her ability to act, make us laugh, and also make us feel easily sways our debt card to pay for the ticket right then and there. // Follow here and get to know this queen better.

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Rock M. Sakura

Where comedy, art, and fashion meet in all one pond, Rock M. Sakura (pronounced Rockem’ Sakura) is currently breast stroking to the finish line. This queen pads, synchs, and beats like it’s her very last show—without a doubt, you’re getting a sublime experience. What you may not know is that Sakura is an impressive stunt performer so expect splits, death drops, and other leg involvement aerobatics. // Follow above to get to know this queen. 

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Creme Fatale

A queen who uses the term paint lightly… Are we kidding, Creme Fatale invented the word paint. She should probably own it at this point. This SF queen is an elite drag queen who champions concept, face, body, and performance. Seeing a Creme Fatale show is like watching the Color Factory perform on stage—it’s a treat. We featured Fatale earlier this year for a mouth-dropping fashion editorial in Chinatown and we’re still gagged. // Follow above to get to know this queen.

KaiKai Bee Michaels

This hometown queen really delivers a truly unforgettable experience to her crowd—KaiKai Bee Michaels makes sure from start to finish that you’re having fun (or grossed out.) Michaels always looks like she’s having fun and for the viewer, they want to be engaged with what the performer is doing. Everything from dancing the house down to lip-syncing her mouth off, you never lose your trance on Michaels. // Follow above to get to know this queen.

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Woo Woo Monroe

Legendary South Bay queen, Woo Woo Monroe is the hostess with the mostess. The host and producer of Woo Woo’s Cirq-Us in San Jose, her shows are kept tight, elite, and always so enjoyable to watch. Being a look queen, comedy queen, and body queen—Monroe keeps us guessing with her various costumes, wigs, and shoe choices. In all actuality, 10’s across the board. // Follow the queen above to get to know her.


A new queen on the Bay Area scene, Alpha has quickly slid herself through the grasp of Bay Area denizens alike. We could easily classify her as a look queen but Alpha offers so much more. From a concept that matches the wardrobe, that matches the music, that matches the props, styling, extras and more—we can tell she’s very serious about her craft. Sadly though, this queen rarelyperforms but is an audience favorite when called up onto the stage. // Follow the queen above for more.

8 Local Drag Queens Who Are Leading The Bay Area Drag Scene
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