Off The Menu: A Community Coffee Space Caffeinates P.O.C in Oakland

Where life can breath a little deeper, the scent of roasted grounds at Hasta Muerte have arrived.

Recently opened for business, this space is like no other in Oakland—a new Latinx-owned collective that raised over $35,000 on Kickstarter has made their new lease on life.

“We are committed to nurturing community while serving the best coffee,” their team told us, “[we] offer drinks and snacks and hosting a specialty bookstore, we hope to provide a warm and inclusive atmosphere for friends and neighbors to gather. We believe in non-hierarchical work spaces, quality coffee, and community building.” BOOM. Right on time because Oakland itself is seeing new movement with raising voices for people of color.

Founded by three co-founders, Kari, Loren, & Matt—they’re excited to offer a family-friendly spot open in East Oakland. The three have incredible ties to the neighborhood (by opening up other stores, living in the area, or being apart of a larger artist web), so it’s exciting to see another humble business rise.

As the years have gone by we’ve seen a steady need for welcoming, loving, and autonomous spaces for our folks to gather, connect, and build with each other.

— Hasta Muerte

Hasta Muerte will have a selection of books, zines, and merchandise “highlighting the spirit and social fabric that makes Oaktown so radiant,” according to its Kickstarter page. “As a collective project, our shop will be owned and run by the workers who make collective decisions, and maintain a non hierarchical kinda work space,” they told us, “this model ensures that the workers who own and run the space receive 100% of the profits and our vision stays true.”

// 2701 Fruitvale Ave, Oakland,; go ahead and also check out their really well done Kickstarter video as well.

Off The Menu: A Community Coffee Space Caffeinates P.O.C in Oakland
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