Gallery 16 Puts the Spotlight on Nathaniel Parsons—And Rightly So

San Francisco’s art scene has been garnering more and more praise as of late, and for good reason. From classic museums to local galleries, we’re here to keep you cultured. Next up on your list should be Nathaniel Parsons’ exhibition at Gallery 16.

Parsons, an Oakland-based artist, drew from past work and a variety of mediums while building this complex, multilayered project. With a background in folk art, Parsons often gains inspiration from rural American culture. From that beginning, he morphs pieces into one collective whole, with each facet serving as a vital piece of the greater story. Using history as a driving force of his narrative, one notices the ways in which each element  of his art is very much tethered to the next–just as each of our own stories are interconnected, one inseparable from another. The very title of the exhibition pulls from this idea; it’s the actions, beliefs, and stories we, as people, contribute, that ultimately come together and make things happen.

// This exhibition runs until December 21, 2017, Hours: Tuesday–Friday 10am–5pm // Saturday 11am–5pm; 501 Third Street, SoMa,



Gallery 16 Puts the Spotlight on Nathaniel Parsons—And Rightly So
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