Off​ ​The​ ​Menu:​ Get Yourself The ​Fresh​ ​Catch Off​ The​ ​Pioneer

Fresh fish caught then sold within 1-2 days—Pioneer Seafoods off Pier 47 sells the freshest fish you can find in the Bay area.

With a traditional ship and their lively crew, this gang of fishermen (and women) go out once a week to provide the market and more importantly you with the freshest fish you can find. The average catch Rockfish come in a few varieties:

Chilipepper Rockfish 2$ per lb, Bocaccio Rockfish 3$ per lb, and on occasion Widows, Sablefish and Bank Rockfish (these are deeper Rockfish often found past 1000ft). That is not all though you can pick up Ling Cod, Black Cod, and Petrale Sole if you’re lucky or eager to show up early because oh does the line get long. Plus they sell out fast! So show up at least 30 min early if you want the best catch possible.




I would also check out the Recipes section of their site for some great recipes (I suggest the
Healthy Parmesan Garlic Crumbed Fish) as well as a video of how to fillet fresh fish!

The Pioneer is a trawling vessel that has been working strong since 2000. Using one of the most original nets environmentalist estimate reduce bottom contact by 95%. As well as allowing juvenile fish to easily escape. Captained by Giusepp “Joe” ennis (above) ho has been fishing since he was seven, making his career everywhere from Monterey to the Bering Sea.

// Pier 47, San Francisco,—Hours are 9 a.m.—5 p.m.; Sunday, and 10 a.m.—5 p.m. Monday. Times and days may vary, according to the calendar. Photography by Drew Young.

Off​ ​The​ ​Menu:​ Get Yourself The ​Fresh​ ​Catch Off​ The​ ​Pioneer
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