Inside The Studio: Baana Opens Their Chic Community Space in Chinatown

This gorgeous space can be described in five words: When can we move in?

For co-founders Christine Trac and Maggie Spicer, a community space was needed to serve all points of creations. Everything from workshops, pop-up shops, dinners, retreats, etc—these facets were all in need of a beautiful space to tell their stories.

We caught up with one half of the duo, Christine Trac, as she showed us around the space and the current holiday market they have on display. For Christine, being inspired by all of her wonderful maker friends compelled her to have a space where creation could and should happen. Maggie and Christine shared the same sentiment as they looked high and low for a space that could meet their individual needs and the needs of others. Nob Hill seemed like an excellent choice.

As Christine and I sat down and chatted, I asked her about the space, the location, and why Nob Hill nudging Chinatown? “The space is perfect for our needs and the express benefit of our collaborators. It’s easy to get to, adaptable, and is in the cutest neighborhood. Look at all the cute tourists on the cable cars” To launch a space on the tail end of 2017, we had to also ask about 2018 goals, “this is only the beginning, as Baana will be a vehicle for many creative collaborations and gatherings to come.”

And from an interior design standpoint, the space is equal parts welcoming, styled beautifully, and airy. All the more, homing a rich community of local talent and beyond is a Baana treat we can’t wait to sink our teeth into coming 2018.

// 1256 Mason St., Nob Hill,; make sure to also check out their Meet-the-Makers Market this upcoming Sunday from 10 a.m.—5 p.m. Photography by Anthony Rogers.



Christine Trac, one half of Baana.Christine Trac, one half of Baana.

Christine Trac, one half of Baana.







Inside The Studio: Baana Opens Their Chic Community Space in Chinatown
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