re;CAST Reimagines Vintage And The Future Of Repurposing

The magic of vintage and thrifting is so special, you can uncover decades of fashion in a mere five seconds. No lie.

For Oakland residents Scott Williams and LeMai Le, their collaborative passion for exploration fostered their need to produce an upcycle eight piece jacket collection entirely sourced from flea markets. The two have consciously sourced their garments and materials but executing them in a luxurious way. Plus, each jacket is under $40 bucks. We caught up with both Scott and LeMai as their newly released line re;CAST makes waves in the Bay.

“Scott and I just released our 8 piece upcycle collaboration we named re;CAST” LeMai told us over email, “collectively, Scott and I thrifted all the jackets at Laney Flea Market in a span of a month or so (you can literally find us there every Sunday morning).” The two have their eyes on the prize and from witnessing it first hand, these two attend every market, thrift and vintage raid to find the right pieces for their exclusive capsule. “Scott stitched his signature patches and name plates across the garments and I painted, either on the patch surface or on other canvas pieces that Scott would later stitch on. Across all jackets there are similar cut and sewn patches, fabric patterns and my imperfect painted circular patterns – all mirroring our personal art styles outside of this collaboration.”

Watching Scott and LeMai from afar as they conspired this collection, we were anxiously waiting in our chairs to see the launch happen first-hand, “we unexpectedly named the project [re;CAST] off the choice of diction used in an article on Carrie Weem in the W Magazine,” she told us about how the name came to be, “we had been up thinking about the name, frustrated and a bit underwhelmed with everything we had already thought of, crossing several names without meaning off our sharpie’d list. Then it all hit us as we got across a few lines of the article, the word “recast.” Denoted as, “giving a different form by melting it down and reshaping it.” Merely what we were doing, creating new meaning/art from something that has already held its shape as something else prior to our touch. We were adding our contemporary value to it.”

When it comes to the antithsus of this duo’s first line, it needed to be truer to them: “it was important that all the content we created for the site was natural to us. We didn’t need to use fancy equipment, photoshop or overkill copy—we wanted the pieces and its content to reflect us in our most natural environments.” An easy to wear jacket that isn’t understated, overstated, and just a garment with true craftsmanship. 

// $40 per jacket, check out the rest of the re;CAST line and make sure to check them out in January when new pieces launch;

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re;CAST Reimagines Vintage And The Future Of Repurposing
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