National Sangria Day Is Here—Here is Where You Should Be Drinking

Once upon a time, a raging genius soaked fruit in red wine, thus inventing the fabulousness we now call sangria.

Sure, it’s easy to make at home and easier still to get sangria wasted in your living room, but if you want to celebrate National Sangria Day publicly we’ve got a few suggestions…

Cha Cha Cha

You know you’re doing something right when your sangria is the default answer to “great sangria.” You can get a glass or half pitcher, but really, why half glass it (get it?)? Go for the pitcher, drink, and be merry. You deserve a treat for getting through the week, even if it’s only Wednesday. // 1801 Haight St, Haight, open till 11 P.M.


Head to Esperpento during happy hour for $10 sangria carafes, get a pleasant buzz, snack on some tapas, and spring for the paella. Settle in and make a night of it here for a life (or at least an evening) well lived. // 3295 22nd St, Mission, open till 11 P.M.

Radio Habana Social Club

Keep it kitsch in the Mish. This Cuban spot makes its sangria on the sweeter side, served up alongside plenty of quirky decor and a comfy atmosphere. Bring your cash, and lots of it for refills – their sangria has been described as both “kick ass” and “to die for.” // 1109 Valencia St Mission,, open till midnight.

Media Noche

We’ve previously noted Media Noche for its Instagram factor, but its sangria game is on point, too. Stray from the traditional and give it a try—the folks at Wildhawk bar across the street developed it. Meyer lemon and pineapple give it a unique kick that’ll have you popping in midweek to satisfy a craving from your first taste on. // 3465 19th St, Mission, open till 9 P.M.

Of course, if you can’t pick just one sangria or sangria spot, Spark Social is hosting an event where you’re guaranteed a taste of 6 different sangrias. You’re welcome, wink.

Want to make your own sangria at home? Our photo contributor, Ashley Tarr, has the perfect recipe for you.

National Sangria Day Is Here—Here is Where You Should Be Drinking
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