Bob Cut Mag in 2018—The Editor’s Letter We Have Trouble Writing

Issue five and one-thousand-plus posts on, could this be considered being hashtag-blessed?

Growing a team is hard; making a company profitable is difficult; staying true to an editorial voice is downright impossible—but, alas, as we enter through 2018’s redwood-stained door, we’re optimistic. Happy and content, even. (And that’s coming from a bunch of comedic, self-deprecating depressives.)

From the art, to the shop, to the editor’s and contributors who write diligently for our hyperlocal efforts, and keeping tabs on the SF Bay Area that consumes it, every twelve-months spans the gamut of emotional grays. We feel that, when we start to mull through the next year’s objectives, it always starts repetitively with “x amount of years and x amount of magazines, we’re still here.” Breathing, being, only occasionally binge drinking on the weekends when it’s socially acceptable to do so.

Do not get us wrong, we’re so fortunate to be here in this space at the capacity we do, but it seems synonymous with an impending doom. Like standing on the edge of a gravel-lipped cliff, only looking down, not keen on stepping forward. (Again, we’re pessimistic depressives who meet for coffee every Sunday laugh away our privileged, caffeinated sorrows.) Nevertheless, with each passing year, we feel the heavyweight of scarcity and fear and worry and anxiety lighten on our communal shoulders, as poorly postured as they are.

So why not just open with simply “we’re still lucky to be here,” why not begin on a more tongue-and-cheek not saying that we’re kicking ass, taking names, and our readers are witness to it all? Because hell, you, our readers, are literally the blood flowing through our veins; you keep our proverbial hearts beating, our editors busy, our magazines stocked on shelves near and far.

Everything from exclusive partnership deals, extremely pointed essays on Bay Area living, and guides that really edge on communiqué content. We hope to make your life in the Bay far more informative. That’s always been the goal — and it will never, under any circumstance, change.  

So, now firmly planted on the other side of 2018’s doorway, how do we top, trump, and rise above the fray. We have many things in the works, and most of these said we can’t talk about just yet. But we’re excited to have you in on these many projects when the time comes, because, without you, Bob Cut, would, well, just be a bowl cut.

Here’s to the many days of good hair to come, gang.

With boundless love,

The Bob Cut Editors

Bob Cut Mag in 2018—The Editor’s Letter We Have Trouble Writing
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