Did You Know? The Church of Satan’s HQ was on California St.?

As the neighborhood modernized, one home that stood between two creme colored flats did not. This was the Church of Satan.

The Black House was a building that formerly stood at 6114 California St., in the Outer Richmond. The house was used by Anton LaVey as the headquarters of his Church of Satan from 1966 until his death in 1997. Today, the Black House is no longer there but condo’s now takes it place—blending in seamlessly with the neighborhood. The Church of Satan, founded 50 years ago last spring, was in its early iterations (the church continues to this day) a vaguely costumey branch of atheism celebrating “Man’s true nature—that of a carnal beast, living in a cosmos that is indifferent to our existence.” It has more roots in paganism and earth cults than Catholocism, as is commonly imagined.

Today as the address stands. Photo via Hoodline.Today as the address stands. Photo via Hoodline.

Today as the address stands. Photo via Hoodline.


Following LaVey’s death, members of the Church of Satan unsuccessfully attempted to raise funds to repurchase the house, and it was demolished on October 17, 2001. A duplex now stands in its place (above). Public ceremonies were performed at the house until 1972. LaVey lost ownership of the house in 1991 as the result of a court settlement resulting from his separation from Diane Hegarty, but LaVey was allowed to reside at the Black House until his death.

Also don’t call the house a mansion because historians will argue that the home was a decent sized cottage built for a single family.

The Church of Satan still lives on but the home of which is resides is gone with the winds of time. And now that you know this key bit of history, share it with your friends at parties—it’ll be a good party trick.

Did You Know? The Church of Satan’s HQ was on California St.?
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