Looking to Refresh that Feed? Here are Instagram Profiles You Need to Follow for The New Year

If you needed a 2018 Insta spruce, here are five accounts that you should be watching this very moment.

A post shared by yoseline 〰 cabrera (@yslnc) on Dec 12, 2017 at 8:28am PST


Yoseline Cabrera (or lovingly referred to as Josie) is a fashion influencer, stylist, and all around cool girl who takes her time when approaching style. We’re serious, she’s timeless. When scrolling through her feed, you’ll get to enjoy spur-of-the-moment outfit posts, indie chic inspiration, and just a general love for the Bay Area.


Once was a Bay Area-it kid is now making waves, splashes, and high dives into the LA scene. With her newly relaunched site Verite Woman and a strong voice to boot—Michaela d’Artois is a humorous gal about serious fashion. Channel: not too serious content creator meets relatable hometown quirk. All in all, a must-follow for the season.

A post shared by SFXO (@sfxo.co) on Sep 5, 2017 at 8:29am PDT


Everything from artist to entrepreneur, Taylor Lahey of SFXO is keeping his brand in mind of his surroundings. What does that mean per say? Well, think cozy sweaters with a minimal golden gate bridge logo, denim dad hats that look and feel cool, and a litany of sketches that will get you motivated to art again. Plus, he’s not bad looking for your feed so hell, why not?


With a cute shop situated in the Outer Sunset, co-owner Alexis Joseph is a watercolor maven you seriously need to know about for 2018. As in, she makes all of her buyable watercolors IN-HOUSE. Hand-poured, packaged, and shipped out of their little storefront in SF. If you get to meet her in the store, ask her about the process, it’s incredibly interesting and she’s the knowledge bank to tap.

A post shared by katie booth (@kt_booth_) on Dec 31, 2017 at 5:49pm PST


This social media wizard is the feed you need on your phone to refresh your creative mind for 2018. Katie Booth not only runs her own social presence but operates social for SFMOMA, we’re both in awe and in love with how effortless her attention to visuals are. If you’re not following her (and SFMOMA) for 2018, we think you should highly reconsider.

Looking to Refresh that Feed? Here are Instagram Profiles You Need to Follow for The New Year
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