Get Into 40 California State Parks (for Free) Every Second Saturday—Including This One

But that [tree] trunk, though.

Campers and hikers, tree-lovers and REI-junkies, rejoice! Starting this Saturday—and continuing every second Saturday of the month for the rest of the year—adamant outdoor lovers will get free admission to t40 of California’s beautiful state parks. Yes, you read that correctly: free access. Even the parking is free—so you won’t have to fish through your wallet to hook a damp Jackson.

The Save the Redwoods League is offering 16,800 free day passes, with about 1,500 given out each month. The promotion is part of the 100th anniversary of the SF-based Save the Redwoods League, one of California’s oldest environmental group.

Granted, the actual number of available passes to the tree-hugging masses will vary by park; they’re expected to run out quickly. Furthermore, interested visitors may have to wait until the Monday after the second Saturday of each month to go online and reserve a free pass for the following month. But regardless, a free pass to anything  is a frugal San Franciscan’s daydream come true.

“We want to invite everybody in and make it as easy as we can for the people of California to be inspired by these spectacular forests and the parks that we helped preserve,” Sam Hodder, president of Save the Redwoods League, told the Mercury News.

Get outside, gang. And here’s hoping the rain’s will let-up so you can do just that: live your best au naturale self.

// To snag a free pass and checkout the visitable parks, soon-to-be park attendees can go to Photo via Wikimedia Commons, Yosemite National Park

Get Into 40 California State Parks (for Free) Every Second Saturday—Including This One
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