Off The Menu: 5 New Spots To Munch at in 2018

If you’re tired at eating at the same places over and over again, well let 2018 be the refresher you needed on your aching stomach. These spots featured are fairly new but we encourage you to go ahead and give them a bite.

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Marugame Udon

Critically-famed all over the world as the one-stop to get your udon fix, Marugame Udon has just landed in Stonestown for everyone to slurp to. Known to be the largest Udon Noodles restaurant chain in the world, this new space is an innovative cafeteria-style restaurant serving Japanese Udon noodles, personally customized by each self-serve table. People are currently raving on all review sites, “The chicken tempura was incredible. The beef udon was very good” says a user on Foursquare. // 3251 20th Ave, Stonestown,

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True Laurel

A cocktail bar with an interesting bites menu—our stomachs are turning in happiness. True Laurel (a now Mission resident) is a A la carte food and drinks spot, open 7 days a week, with cocktail tastings with paired snacks giving the customer a wholesome experience. Incredibly tailored, good for date nights, or even by yourself. Also you need to try to grilled cheese sandwich. It’ll make your mouth water. // 753 Alabama St., Mission,

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Noon All Day

A sweet cafe that has opened in the Dogpatch has fully grabbed our hearts and stomachs with their gorgeous aesthetic. Noon All Day is exactly what it sounds like, a spot where you can get your favorites at all times during the day. Plus can we mention how nice the staff is. Constantly smiling, laughing, and really makes us want to be apart of the gang. We suggest picking up some sweet treats if you find yourself down that way. // 690 Indiana St., Dogpatch,

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A Spanish tapa’s bar with a sense for design and color? We’ll be right there. barvale (spelled lowercase) is a newly opened corner space on Divisadero, that once homed an awful Spanish restaurant before it. We don’t need to talk about it BUT we’re very excited to see something fresh and new in it’s place. If you’re wondering about the food, Chef, Patricio “Pato” Duffoo worka with quality products sourced from California to create a menu that’s designed for “the way I like to eat,” meaning plates will be small and designed for sharing. // 661 Divisadero St., NoPa,

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A Gluten-free kitchen you need to know about in the Mission ASAP: Kitava is serving a variety of dishes that are a-okay to devour for those who have a Gluten allergy. Their main company motto, “Healthy food without compromise,” truly spines down for their menu of avovado, beets, and other healthy options to pick from. Kitava perfectly represents themselves to the belief that a healthy diet is central to optimal health, as well as their focus on fresh, unprocessed, and health-promoting food. // 2011 Mission St., Mission,

Off The Menu: 5 New Spots To Munch at in 2018
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